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Welcome to legal advice

Our lawfirm is a general agency in Stockholm. We work with a fokus on smaller companies and private individuals. We have a deep interest in people, human rights and social issues. We can offer legal expertise in a number of different areas such as contract law, international law, family law and administrative law.  

We can help you with everyday issues related to, for example, decision-making authorities to more complex legal issues. We can act as public counsel in connection with asylum process and legal representation if a difficult situation would arise.


About us  

Anita Ekström is founder and holder of the business. She studied law at  Stockholm University and was awarded Degree of Masters of Law (LL.M.) in  2009. She worked thereafter, as deputy lawyer before she started her own activities in 2011. Anita has previously worked for many years as sports trainer internationally, in particular Spain.  



Administrative law, public counsel, legal representative     


Our Services  

We know about laws, regulations and other legal provisions and we can explain why legislative provisions looks as they do. We help you who is the holder or an individual in most of the issues which may arise in our daily lives. We can investigate complex cases and facilitate the dispute if disagreement were to arise.



A first preliminary consultation is mostly for free, however depending on the type of case. Thereafter we agree with the client and then the fee is determined, after mission scale and seriousness. One hour lies in 1654 SEK - 1950 SEK including any VAT.  


Billing structures  

Billiing structures and approaches are agreed with the client depending on the nature and scope.   


Legal Protection and Legal Aid

Legal  Protection is an insurance cover that is part of private insurance such as home-insurance in order to finance your legal representative. Contact your insurance companies for information.

Legal Aid is a  financial support from the State of a legal representative, for you who are not able to pay for a representative. Contact Rättshjälpsmyndigheten for more information.

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